The Advance Fleet management for your organization

Control the mess of fleet management with NexFleet. The perfect tool for your daily fleet management needs. NexFleet can save your thousands.

Spreadsheets? Paper? Your fleet deserve more!

Managing your fleet has never been easier

Work together

Empower everyone in your fleet to contribute to its success with unlimited users and flexible permissions.

Manage from anywhere

Manage your fleet from anywhere with intuitive web and smartphone apps designed for busy fleets.

Reduce data entry

Increase efficiency by automating fleet management tasks such as maintenance scheduling, fuel transactions and more.

System  Features

Fleet Management

Fleet Management is not an easy activity as it includes a lot of responsibilities. We know fleet managers are tight for time: that’s why Nexfleet is here.

GPS vehicle tracking

GPS tracking or vehicle tracking is a technology that allows the collection of location data. From something simple as seeing your vehicles in real time to customise working times and location,Nexfleet can put you in control.

Fuel management

Fuel is probably one of the main sources of cost within a fleet. Get all the fuel information at your fingertips: reports on consumption, all the purchase and transactions. Start saving up to 20% on your bill by setting targets for consumption.

Fleet maintenance management

How much do you spend on fleet maintenance? Which vehicle are you spending most on maintenance and why? With Nexfleet it is fast and easy to organise vehicle maintenance and servicing and to keep track of everything for compliance and cost controlling.

Fleet safety and security

Driver behaviour and fleet safety are part of a fleet manager’s responsibility In case of danger, adverse weather or road conditions, how do you protect your assets? With Nexfleet you will gain added security into your fleet, avoid insurance premium rise and prevent theft!

Driver behaviour

With Nexfleet you can make your fleet safe and keep tabs on driver behaviour monitoring them and setting up alerts. There is an added benefit if your vehicles are driven with a safer style: your global fuel consumption decreases. Start monitoring this now with Nexfleet!