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Company Overview

NexKraft Limited is a trusted partner and an engineering powerhouse for Software Development and Testing services. We started as a software outsourcing company in 2011, and from our inception in 2014 as a registered Limited company, we have been providing operational gains to start-up, emerging, and established software firms throughout North America, Europe and South Asia. As a development extension of our clients, we design and develop Web, Desktop, and Mobile applications that are compelling, interactive, and easy to use.

Our Mission

We recommend solution except selling software. We believe that what we build touches lives around us. We use technology to create a better and smarter environment. We nurture thought leaders and encourage them to be the seeds of change through smart software development and consulting services. Our commitment to quality and integrity helps us to use technology and create a better and smarter future.

2014 Year of Establishment

100s of customers

4.9/5 Customer

5+ Countries With Active Client Base

Our Values






Collaboration & Partnership



Services Overview

Customized Software Development

  • Data Management
  • Survey Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Legal Case Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Business Management
  • Micro-credit Management
  • Survey Management
  • Chatbot
  • Operations Management
  • Workshop Management
  • e-Learning Management
  • Distributor Management
  • Sales Management
  • Data Management
  • NGO Related Software
  • Pick&Drop Management
  • Repository Management

Apps Development

  • Driver Management App
  • Transport Management
  • Kitchen App
  • Legal Case Management
  • Survey App
  • Sales Management App
  • Aviation Management
  • Metal Health App
  • E-commerce App
  • Sales Product Verifier
  • e-Food Delivery
  • Service-based App
  • Parking Management App

Software Licensing

  • Adobe
  • TeamViewer
  • Bitdefender
  • Amazon Web Service
  • Red hat
  • Avira
  • Data Recovery
  • Manage Engine
  • Trend Micro
  • Solar Winds
  • Server
  • BIM 360
  • Autodesk
  • Microsoft
  • Kaspersky
  • Zimbra

Digital Platform

  • Graphics Design
  • Printing Media Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social-media Management
  • Event Management
  • UV/UI Support
  • Legal Services
  • Business Services
  • Promotional Videos
  • Photography
  • 2D Animation
  • Videography
  • Content Writing
  • Motion Graphics
  • SEO Services

Implementation Process

1. Business Analysis

We analyze business needs and offer the best solution for our clients.

2. UX/UI Development

We create seamless and efficient user flows.

3. Development

We hire only highly experienced IT professionals.

4. Testing and QA

Our goal is to make our products woek without fails.

5. Deployment

We assists companies in deployment, scaling and maintenance of applications.

6. Data Management

We help to manage all the business data in the system the right way.

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Why Partner With Nexkraft

Kick Start

Teams can ramp up quickly without increasing any management overhead for our partners.

Top Quality Engineers

Our hiring process ensures your access to the best IT professionals int the market.

Competitive Price

Availing our cost-effective services will help you to reduce cost without compromising quality.

Working with Top-Tire Companies

A decade of experiencing with over 100+ companies in Software Development and Quality Assurance.

Transparent Process

As we progress towards your ultimate goal, we snsure eddective communication and full transpaewncy by providing you with weekly status meetings and time sheets.

Compatible & Friendly Environment

We form highly compatible and welcoming workplace.

Our Culture

culture image

NexKraft believes that a great organization is great only because of its people. We celebrate our diversity and firmly believe that this is a key ingredient to a healthy and prosperous working environment. NexKraft helps employees to go beyond their comfort zone and keep them motivated.

NexKraft Limited is also an equal opportunity employer. We pride ourselves on sharing the same opportunities and promoting equality in the workplace. We celebrate the women at NexKraft for their unmatched contribution at work and in general.

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